At Fix-A-Leak Plumbing and Heating Inc., we pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality, reliable, and affordable gas line installation for residents of Hauppauge, NY, and the surrounding areas. Attempting to install gas lines on your own is dangerous and can cause a gas explosion. In some cases, it also causes considerable property damage and fatal injuries. Yet, some property owners throughout Suffolk County put their loved ones at risk by trying a gas conversion on their own.

Instead of suffering huge losses and property damage, it’s best to leave your gas line install to our expert plumbers. Our experienced plumbers have the necessary tools to install gas lines correctly to prevent potential damage. We also have innovative tools and the highest-quality products to save money and time on your gas conversion. Whether you are planning to upgrade to natural gas or propane, our experienced team has the expertise to install natural gas and propane lines safely and fast. Maybe a gas conversion is all you need to improve safety and comfort in your Hauppauge property.