Sewage Ejector Pump Repair & Installation in Nesconset, NYIf you require immediate sewage ejector pump repair in Nesconset, NY, then contact Fix-A-Leak Plumbing and Heating Inc. ASAP. We can get your pump fixed right away as well as offer a new sewage ejector pump installation if your current pump is no longer working. A sewage ejector is needed for your home if you have a basement with appliances that drain water like a sink, a toilet, or a washing machine. However, because they are below the drain and sewer line, gravity makes it harder for the waste to go up the drain line and into the sewer. This can cause your basement to back up with sewer gas and waste water and create quite a mess. Getting yourself a sewage ejector will get the waste pumped into the drain line upstairs, into the sewage line, and out of your home. Whatever your issue is, we are the sewage ejector pump team you can trust.

    Sewage Ejector Pump Repair Team You Can Trust in Nesconset

    A sewage ejector pump will last seven to ten years on average. It is important to remember that while the pump doesn’t require constant upkeep, you should still keep an eye out. You should check the float every so often as debris can sometimes get stuck and lead to the pump not activating. Also, if you notice a crack on the lid, contact our service experts as this can lead to a sewer gas leak. We can be there for whatever you need, and if your pump just isn’t working and a repair isn’t enough, we can provide you with a new sewage ejector pump installation.

    If you have spotted any of these issues, then it’s probably time to get your sewage ejector pump repaired:
    • The pump has trouble starting up
    • There is a sewage smell coming from the pump
    • The float switch is broken
    • You notice strange sounds

    Sewage Ejector Pump Installation Experts

    Sewage Ejector Pump Installation ExpertsFix-A-Leak Plumbing and Heating Inc. has helped the people of Nesconset for over twenty years with all their home plumbing issues. Whatever trouble your sewage ejector pump is causing you, count on us to get it to fixed or replaced. We’ll make it so that you have a working pump in no time, and be there for problems you have from now on. We’ll be as comprehensive as we can so nothing gets overlooked and give you service that won’t break the bank.

    If you are looking for sewage ejector pump repair in Nesconset, contact Fix-A-Leak Plumbing and Heating Inc. today. We also offer sewage ejector pumps in Ronkonkoma and Hauppauge.

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