February 8, 2021

The average home has a water pressure of around 45 pounds per square inch. There are several reasons you might have water pressure below this level. Getting the situation resolved is sometimes in your control, but at other times, there’s little you can do.Why is my water pressure so low

Your Water Supplier Has a Problem

If you suddenly have low water pressure, ask your neighbors if they also have a problem. If so, call your water supplier and ask them if there’s an issue. If they’re aware of the problem and fixing it, all you can do is wait.

New Regulations

It’s possible your water supplier has to comply with new water regulations imposed by your city. In this case, you can have a plumber install a water pressure booster system.

Main Shutoff Valve Isn’t Completely Open

If you’re the only one with low water pressure, the problem is inside your house. The first thing to do is check the main shutoff valve and ensure it’s completely open. The valve is usually located where the water supply pipe enters your residence.

Shared Pipe

It could be the problem is that you share a pipe with a neighbor. When they take a shower or run their washer, you experience low water pressure. You can change your routines to when your neighbor isn’t using water or get a pipe replacement.

Clogged Pipes

Clogs pipes and supply lines can prevent water from entering your home. Without the proper tools, this may prove to be a difficult project. You’ll need to call a plumber to fix this problem, as it’s definitely not a DIY project.

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