March 18, 2022
Used Furnace in Hauppauge, NY

Whether you’re buying a new furnace because yours is old and inefficient or because the last one broke down beyond repair, the sticker shock of a new unit can be overwhelming. In this state, you may start looking at used models, hoping to save a few hundred bucks. In most cases, buying a used furnace simply isn’t a good idea, and here’s why.

1. No Warranty

A warranty on your furnace helps pay for yearly maintenance appointments as well as any repairs. It also protects you in case of manufacturer defects for a certain length of time. Most warranties state that they can’t be transferred from the original purchaser of the furnace to a new owner, so your used furnace likely won’t have this layer of protection.

2. It Might Not Work Correctly

A used furnace doesn’t come with any guarantees. You might have it installed and come to find out, too late, that it either doesn’t work at all or works with impaired performance. This not only raises your energy bills but also has the potential to be a safety hazard.

3. Breakdowns and Repairs

A brand-new furnace will last somewhere between 10 and 15 years if it has been properly maintained and about half that if it has not. When buying a used model, it might not be long before you have to purchase a new model anyways. Older units also tend to need repairs more often, which won’t be cheap without the help of a warranty. At the end of the day, buying a new furnace will likely save you money even though the up-front investment is higher.

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