November 18, 2022
Sump Pump in Hauppauge, NY

As the weather gets colder and we start to prepare our homes for winter, it’s important to remember our sump pumps! Sump pumps play a crucial role in keeping our homes dry by pumping water out of the basement or crawl space and away from the foundation. But if they’re not properly cared for, they can become frozen and break down when we need them most. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your sump pump for winter.

1. Remove the Sump Pump Hose

This is an important step, as leaving the hose attached can cause a number of problems. First, the hose can become frozen, which will prevent the pump from working properly. Second, the hose can become clogged with ice and snow, which can also cause the pump to malfunction. Finally, if you leave the hose attached, there is a chance that water will back up into the home, causing flooding. By taking a few minutes to remove the sump pump hose before winter sets in, you can avoid these potential problems.

2. Clean Up Any Debris

You’ll want to clean up any debris that has accumulated around your sump pit or inside your crawl space. Debris can prevent your sump pump from draining water properly and may even cause it to fail completely.

3. Inspect the Float Switch and Make Sure It’s Functioning Properly

The float switch is what turns the pump on and off as water levels rise and fall in the pit. Most float switches are either tethered or electronic, but both types can become stuck over time. Inspect the float switch for any obvious damage or obstructions, then test it by manually raising and lowering the float to see if the pump turns on and off as it should. If you have any doubts about whether or not your float switch is working correctly, have it replaced before winter arrives.

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