July 20, 2022
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Flushable wipes have become increasingly popular in recent years. They come in various sizes and have different uses. Some are for medicinal use, while others are for cosmetic use only. Most people assume they are flushable. But are they really? The answer is a definite no. Let us delve deeper and understand why this is so.

Why Are Flushable Wipes an Issue?

At Fix-A-Leak Plumbing and Heating, we have dealt with many plumbing issues caused by so-called flushable wipes. The main reason that these wipes are such a problem is due to the fact that the material does not readily dissolve in water like tissue paper does.

The manufacturers of these products use non-degradable materials like polyester to hold together the paper pulp. When the wipes get in contact with water, they do not break down. This quality makes them go down the drainage pipes as a whole piece instead of as small particles.

The Effect of Flushable Wipes on Your Plumbing

Since the wipes do not break down in the water, they easily cause blockage to your toilet. If your toilet does not have enough water to push them down the drain, they may remain in the drainage pipe and cause severe clogging. The situation may worsen if they attach to other clogging materials like hair, grease, and dirt.

In our years of experience in plumbing work, our local experts in Suffolk County found that these flushable wipes form a significant portion of the solids in the septic tank. They make it fill up much faster, thus needing frequent septic pumping.

What Is the Solution?

The easiest thing you can do to prevent plumbing problems is simply not to flush these products. Throw them in the trash can together with the other garbage. This will save you constant plumbing headaches.

However, if you already have a clog due to wipes, you should involve our plumbing experts to help you clear the system. Our experts may use a drain snake or hydro-jetting to eliminate any clogged matter in your drains or sewer line.

Let Us Fix It

At Fix-A-Leak Plumbing and Heating, no plumbing work is too hard for us. We offer quality services in Hauppauge and the surrounding areas and will ensure that we solve your problems on the first try. In addition to providing a full range of plumbing services, our team installs appliances and provides kitchen and bathroom remodels. Call our office at (631) 333-7226 or schedule your appointment via the online form and enjoy quality at affordable rates.

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