October 20, 2021
Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve in Hauppauge, NY

Your home’s water heater produces the hot water you use to shower, wash dishes and do laundry. Its components include a pressure valve that helps control the operation of the tank.

What the Valve Does

The hot water pressure relief valve is a safety feature required on hot water tanks. The part is designed to release water, thereby reducing excess water pressure in the tank. This valve is also known as the TPR valve.

Where the Valve is Located

Water heater pressure relief valves are usually located on the outside of the hot water heater tank near the top. The valve typically has a switch or lever that moves up or down. A flow pipe runs from the component and down the side of the water heater to its base. Check your manufacturer’s manual for the exact location on your unit.

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When to Replace the Valve

Mineral salt buildup, rust and corrosion can prevent the valve from operating correctly. In some cases, the problem can cause the valve to freeze. To test for an issue, move the lever up and down so the brass stem is lifted. Water should flow out of the bottom of the discharge pipe. A trickle of water or none at all means it’s time to replace the relief valve.

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