January 10, 2022
Water Quality in Hauppauge, NY

Access to clean water keeps you and your family away from any diseases. Moreover, drinking enough water will keep you and your family members healthy. However, many homeowners in Suffolk County don’t think about water quality until they receive a boil water notice or discover a change in their water.

If you want to learn how to improve water quality in your home, read on to discover the most significant factors that influence water quality.

Sedimentation and Runoff

Although runoff and sedimentation are normal, extreme sedimentation and runoff can lower water quality. Water can even become poisonous if the runoff is caused by garbage and litter. Sedimentation occurs due to natural processes like instream scouring of the riverbanks. It can also occur due to erosion in the surrounding water catchment areas. Human activities that can cause sedimentation and runoff are land use or construction. Besides lowering water quality, sediments can also alter the depth and flow of dams and rivers.


Water pollution can also lower water quality. For instance, dumping raw sewage, pesticides, grease, or oil in water sources can kill marine life and cause many diseases. What’s more, pet droppings, leaves, and grass clipping can lower water quality in your septic tanks. Although water companies work hard to keep water-borne diseases at bay, you should also play your part to stop water pollution.

Overusing Water

Water overuse can strain water supply and lower quality, especially if your home is connected to the main water supply network. Some areas experience water restrictions and shortages due to water overuse. What’s more, such places also tend to have high water prices.

Your Plumbing Fixtures

All of your plumbing fixtures, including faucets, drains, and pipes, can affect water quality. Old and contaminated plumbing fixtures can also cause water contamination. So, clean your plumbing fixtures regularly to prevent contamination.

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