July 28, 2021
Thermostat Settings in Hauppauge, NY

A thermostat is usually the main control of your HVAC system. It works to sense your room’s temperature and activates or deactivates your system to attain and maintain the set levels.

Fan Mode

Only the fans will be active with this mode. They’ll circulate the air within your house. The mode does not involve any air conditioning as the system will run similar to ceiling fans. The main benefit of fan mode is less energy consumption.

Heat Mode

When your thermostat is set to function on this mode, your air conditioning system usually reverses the airflow. As a result, the system will introduce warm air into your house while dumping the cold air into the surrounding.

Your system compressor is the part responsible for providing warm air. Therefore, running your air conditioner in this mode is the most ideal in cold seasons.

Cool Mode

Generally, you must be familiar with the thermostat settings, especially if you are not new to air conditioning systems. When set to this mode, your air conditioning system will function to introduce cold air into your home.

The system will operate to attain the set temperature levels, and when attained, the internal AC will sense and deactivate the AC unit. However, this mode won’t deactivate the fans, which helps maintain the already attained house temperature while circulating refreshing air.

Dry Setting

Are you wondering what the best thermostat mode in a humid environment is? If so, this is the right thermostat mode option for you. With this mode, you can get rid of any excess humidity within your house.

Generally, this mode will make your compressor run on set intervals while constantly running the fan. The compressor will turn off once the desired humidity levels are attained.

Auto Mode

Running your HVAC system on this mode could be the best option as it helps you condition your home temperature automatically. The mode instructs your system to maintain a preset temperature level.

It does so by adjusting fan and compressor speeds and turning the compressor off to achieve the desired temperature. The fan may remain running but adjusted to maintain the desired temperatures.

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