May 19, 2022
AC Drain Line in Hauppauge, NY

Is your air conditioner emitting a musty odor? Are you noticing a lack of cool air? You may be experiencing issues because your AC’s drain line is clogged. This line is responsible for safely removing water from the system so it doesn’t leak into your home. Here’s how you can easily unclog your drain line.

Removing Drain Line Clogs

Start the process by turning off your air conditioner. The drain line should be a white PVC pipe that starts at your AC unit and leads outside. Ensure no dirt or clogs are stopping the water from draining. You can insert the end of a wet/dry vacuum into the drain. Turn the wet/dry vacuum on in short intervals to suck out the clog. This is a great way to remove any remaining water and debris in the pipe. If your system is new or maintained well, this may be enough to restore your home’s cooling. Turn your AC on and check if it’s working as usual.

If you still notice an odd smell or leaking, you may need to use a water hose and physically flush out any remaining debris. Find the access point of your drain line and insert a water hose to flush out any debris. This will remove the harder clogs or clumps. If you don’t feel comfortable maintaining your AC in this manner, call in a professional technician for expert help and informed advice.

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