August 10, 2021
Plumbing Noises in Hauppauge, NY

There are times when you will hear a strange noise coming out of your water pipes. This can not only be annoying, but it can be a sign that you have a plumbing issue and need to call a plumber out as soon as possible.

Banging Noises

When you hear a banging noise, this is a sign that there is a problem with water flow or your water pressure. Water hammers are when your faucet or valve is shut off too quickly. Trapped air bubbles can also cause a banging noise. If you have this issue, it could be a small crack in your pipe, a loose connection, and more.

Humming Sound

If you hear a humming sound, this is an indication that your water pressure is too high for your system. This causes your pipes to begin to vibrate and make the humming sound. High water pressure can occur in any home, but it is more frequently seen in homes that have a well for water. Check the water pressure at your tank and if you cannot read it or would feel better with a professional, call a plumber out to see if high water pressure is causing the noise.


If you hear a gurgling sound in your pipes, this is an indicator that you have a clog somewhere. This can come from a wide variety of things like grease being pushed down the drain, roots growing into the system, and more. Once you hear gurgling, this is a sign that you need to get a plumber out quickly. The clog could get worse and could lead to your septic system backing up into your home.


Your pipes will be under your floors and behind walls and ceilings. If you hear rattling, this is a sign that the pipe has not been securely fastened. This is not generally a cause for too much concern and is a simple fix. To fix this, just call your plumber out, and they can refasten your plumbing pipe back to the wall.

If you hear a strange sound coming from your plumbing, please call Fix-A-Leak Plumbing And Heating in Hauppauge, NY. We will be able to address the noise problem and ensure that your plumbing is working as it should. We also perform residential plumbing, water heater services, drain cleaning, boilers, leak repair, kitchen and bathroom remodels, boiler services and thermostats.

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