May 15, 2023
Leak detection services in Hauppauge, NY

Slow and hidden leaks can gradually undermine the value and integrity of your Hauppauge, NY home. Over time, they can even affect its habitability. Unfortunately, leaks can fester unnoticed at the backs of appliances, in crawlspaces, and behind drywall for months on end. To make sure that these problems aren’t overlooked, it’s important to find and leverage the best leak detection method.

Whole-House Plumbing Inspections

In general, the best way to detect slow and hidden leaks is by regularly scheduling whole-house plumbing inspections. These visits give plumbers the chance to identify both existing leaks and functional problems that create the conditions for leaks. Water connections at appliances can be tightened, worn washers, pipes, and other plumbing components can be replaced, and slab leaks can be identified before major foundation shifting or cracking have occurred.

Vigilance on Your End

Has your water bill skyrocketed in recent months? If it has and your household size and general usage habits have remained the same, you probably have a leak. Staying vigilant is key to identifying minor leaks before the damage they cause spirals out of control. This way, even if you have months to go before your next whole-house plumbing inspection, you can put a licensed plumber on the job right away.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

If you’ve ever had a leaky faucet in your home, then you know all too well that leaks constantly produce sound. Ultrasonic leak detectors pick up these sounds even when leaks are far away, behind drywall, concrete, or other construction materials, or relatively small in size. The ability of acoustic leak detectors to pick up high-frequency sound waves makes them a non-invasive choice when leaks are hidden.

Soil Probes

In instances in which leaks are believed to originate outside of the home, soil probes can be effective diagnostic tools. They measure soil saturation and can pinpoint areas where saturation is highest, thereby indicating the locations or paths of leaks.

Drain Inspection Cameras

Sending tiny cameras down into plumbing systems allows plumbers to identify leaks, pipe failure, build-ups, and obstructions. These non-invasive tools can prove highly informative. They make it possible to implement the least costly and most effective solutions within the shortest amount of time. They also make it unnecessary to dig trenches or cut into drywall in many instances.

Plumbers use multiple forms of leak detection based upon the needs and nature of each situation. When plumbers are equipped with the latest and most innovative tools, they can address a broader range of leaks in a time-efficient and cost-effective fashion.

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