June 28, 2021
Leaking refrigerator in Hauppauge, NY

A refrigerator is among the most important appliances in many homes. Although many units can last for a couple of years, refrigerators need occasional repairs or maintenance like any other appliance. Unfortunately, a common problem with these appliances is leaks. A leaking fridge can be frustrating and costly if not solved fast. Below are some common fridge problems that might be triggering leaks and what you need to do to fix them.

1. Faulty Water Inlet

Fridges with water dispensers or ice makers come with water supply lines. A damaged water inlet is one of the common culprits of a leaking refrigerator. You might also notice slow ice production or water flow when the water line is malfunctioning. If you suspect your water inlet is malfunctioning, have a professional check the line to ascertain whether a replacement or a repair is the best solution.

2. Drain Pan Issues

If your fridge is self-defrosting, it comes with a drain pan found beneath the appliance. While it’s not common, a drain pan can develop cracks, allowing the accumulated water to leak out before it evaporates. Damaged drain pans need immediate replacements to avoid more issues.

3. Clogged Drain Line

A refrigerator has a drainage system that pulls water out of the unit through tubes. That allows the water to collect and evaporate from the drain pain located beneath the fridge. Sometimes, food particles can penetrate the drain tubes, resulting in clogs.

Push a pipe cleaner or plastic tube through the drain tubes to unblock the drainage system. However, you should avoid putting sharp items into the tubes. To check whether you’ve cleared the clogs, make a mild mixture of water, soap, and ammonia, and push the concoction down the drain tube using a turkey baster. An unclogged drain line will result in the mixture collecting in the fridge’s drain pan underneath the appliance.

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