September 20, 2023
Drain cleaning services in Hauppage, NY

Keeping your drains and sewer line clean is important for preventing clogs and sewage backups to ensure your plumbing system works properly. You can often clear a clogged drain on your own using a plunger. What you should never do is use any type of drain cleaner as these products are extremely harsh and can severely damage your drains and pipes. If a plunger doesn’t work or your main sewer line is starting to clog up, here are the different options you have for cleaning your drains or sewer line.

Pipe Snakes and Augers

A pipe snake is always the most effective option for cleaning clogged drains inside the home. Although you can find pipe snakes at any hardware store, you should never attempt to snake a drain yourself as you could easily break the pipe and make the problem far worse. When snaking a drain, a plumber will gently extend the snake down through the drain until it meets the clog. The head of the snake then spins to break through the clog, and the snake is then retracted to pull much of the clog back out of the pipe so that it again drains properly.

An auger or rooting machine works similarly to a pipe snake except that it is larger and designed to clear clogs and tree roots out of a home’s main sewer line. The auger is first inserted into the pipe where its head then expands so that it touches the sides of the pipe. The auger then spins as it moves through the pipe so that it scrapes away debris and easily punches through and clears the clog.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is an even more effective method for clearing clogs and tree roots from a sewer line. When hydro jetting a sewer line, a plumber extends a special nozzle through the pipe that sprays an extremely powerful jet of water that can easily slice through tree roots and blast away clogs.

Any time a sewer line needs to be cleaned, it is important to first perform a camera inspection to check the pipe for cracks, leaks and damage. If the pipe is old, damaged or in poor condition, you’ll want to have your sewer line replaced as soon as possible or else you could start having sewage backing up inside your home or flooding your yard. A camera inspection can also be useful for checking the condition of all of the drainpipes inside your home and identifying any leaks.

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