December 13, 2023
Slab leaks in Hauppauge, NY

A slab leak is any leak that occurs under or inside your foundation. While this issue can quickly cause damage to your walls, floors and the foundation itself, it’s technically not an emergency. However, it’s best to call for service as quickly as possible to limit repair costs and prevent long-term damage to your home.

Potential Slab Leak Damage

If your main water supply line cracks or develops a hole, it can leak water undetected for weeks or even months. Eventually, this moisture can pour out of your foundation and soak your walls or carpets. In addition to increasing your water costs, you’ll also notice areas of your home or yard that are perpetually damp.

The constant moisture may also cause issues, like rotting wood or mold growth. In some cases, the spores can grow inside your foundation, making it harder to spot apart from the tell-tale musty odor. The presence of fungus in your home will lower your air quality and put your family’s respiratory health at risk. The longer a slab leak is left unresolved, the more expensive your repair bills will become.

Slab Leak Service Tips

The moment you notice changes in your water bills or air quality, you should call in professionals to appraise your home. They may recommend switching out some of your older pipes with newer, more sturdy copper alternatives. Water filtration could also be helpful if you have hard water. Softening your water limits buildup inside your pipes that could eventually cause a leak. Slab leak repair is a service best left to professionals who can expertly access and assess the pipes under your floors.

Dependable Suffolk County Plumbing Company

For more than 20 years, Fix-A-Leak Plumbing and Heating Inc. has been a trusted indoor comfort company in Hauppauge, NY. Our qualified plumbers can detect leaks, repair your pipes and take care of your sewer needs. We also offer appliance installation services, gas line replacement and kitchen/bath remodels. Contact Fix-A-Leak Plumbing and Heating Inc. today for reliable slab leak repair.

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